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Testionials Canadian Immigration Council


(In French) Merci pour ton travail et tout ton support dans cette démarche. Ce processus nous a fait vivre des sensations fortes. Sans toi, nous ne serions jamais arrivés aussi rapidement à notre objectif de vie. Nous avons hâte enfin de vivre une vraie vie de couple ensemble et de réaliser nos projets de vie. Encore une fois, je te remercie ainsi que tes collègues et ton patron, un service impeccable nous a été rendu.


Your firm offered me a qualified and positive experience throughout my permanent residence application. My questions were always answered very quickly and thoroughly by my representative who took interest in not only my case but my personal experience throughout the process. The whole process took a very short time and went smoothly from start to finish and I am entirely satisfied with this firm's services. Thank you very much!

Jean, Haiti

(In French) Bonjour Mme Santamaria, Bonjour M. Serour, Je souhaite simplement vous remercier de votre implication tout au long de mon processus d'obtention de la résidence permanente. Ma rencontre aux bureaux d'IRCC ce matin s'est très bien déroulée. Elle a été expéditive, nous sommes restées sur place 25min, attente incluse ! Ce fut bref, concis, précis, et dans la bonne humeur ! Vous avez tous deux su être de bon conseil, rassurants au besoin, et extrêmement professionnels. Dans combien de temps dois-je revenir vous voir pour la citoyenneté ? ;-) Merci infiniment,


(In French) Bonjour Ying zhou, Je vous informe que mon épouse est finalement arrivé en un morceau ce Dimanche le 19 après tant de stress…. Finalement enfin nous somme au anges ! Merci pour tout, je pense que il existera jamais assez de mot pour exprimé mes remerciements et vous et Mr Richard Serour. Merci d’avoir cru en notre amour et de nous avoir soutenue et aidé a avoir réalisé notre rêve. Je ne peux le croire que tout est déjà fini et elle est ici, et nous aurions jamais été capable sans vous, il existe des situations plus avancé que nous tell que un canadien qui habite durant 1.5 ans au philippines avec son épouse et il a déjà un enfant avec elle et elle est refusé de venir au canada. Si nos vie sont désormais remplis de bonheurs et d’amour, c’est grâce a vous. Lorsque je l’aie vu a l’aéroport je ne savais plus si je devais pleuré ou sauté de joie, car les émotions était trop fortes, pour moi c’est l’impossible qui s’est réalisé. Merci d’avoir permis de réalisé ce miracle pour nous, nous aurions jamais été capable de le faire sans votre expertise et vos connaissances.

Michel & Justine

Thank you the best Sandra ever! Thank you so much for being great, perfect, professional & kindly person! Mr Richard is so Lucky to have you in his Office  You bring my wife to Canada from Egypt so fast, I cannot believe it! I am so happy.

Ahmed, Egypt

My special thanks to you and your team for wonderful job you did in assisting Marife to immigrate to Canada; We are delighted and especially appreciated in all what you did; Also it was a pleasure working with Sandra during the entire process; She was very helpful and patient with our questions and concerns. Again thank you again for all your hard work.

Marife & Glen

My wife has finally received her permanent residency and when looking back at the entire immigration process I cannot imagine having gone through this long and complicated task without the help of Canadian Immigration Council. The staff are extremely professional, knowledgable, and were with us every step of the way. Their email responses are prompt and when required were always reachable by phone. Worth every dollar, highly, highly recommended.

Patrick - Montreal, QC

When my father suddenly passed away less than two years ago, he left behind my mother who had been suffering from Parkinson’s for 20 years. They both lived in the U.S. and I, their only child, had married a Canadian and was living in Canada. My mother was completely alone and unable to care for herself. It was a disaster. Every immigration lawyer I spoke to refused my case and told me that Canada would “never” grant a person with Parkinson’s permanent residency, including the corporate immigration lawyers where I worked at the time. When I met with Richard Serour, he didn’t focus on the difficulties – he focused on the possibilities. He looked at my situation from the angle of what was most likely to succeed. He came up with a short-term and long-term strategy – get my mom a SuperVisa in the short-term so that she could stay in Canada for more than 6 months, and apply for residency under Humanitarian and Compassionate accommodation for the long-term. He was careful not to get my hopes up, but was willing to put in the best effort possible if I was also willing.

At this point, Caroline Recine took over the day-to-day management of my file. She helped me assemble all of the paperwork and gather the required documents for the application. At the time, I was drowning in estate matters following my dad’s death and trying to manage my mother’s complicated healthcare, on top of managing my own responsibilities at work and my children – let’s just say that I wasn’t always the most composed or cheerful client. Caroline was incredibly understanding, supportive and human. She offered encouragement and a never-ending supply of patience… but she also kept me focused on the deliverables and made it as easy as possible for me to get them done. Whenever she received news from Canadian Immigration, she was excited and happy that we had made it to the next step. I really considered her my partner throughout the application process. And guess what? The “impossible” happened – a little over one year after submitting the completed application, my mom was granted PR status in Canada. We owe it all to Canadian Immigration Council. I recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone in need of an immigration lawyer.

Chistina K.. Montreal, Canada

"Dear Caroline, Thank you for your very professional, effective and efficient handling of my application for Canadian Permanent Residence. It took 7 months, that’s a WOW! From the first meting with Richard Serour and afterwards with Caroline, the reception was always warm, relaxed and mixed with laughter, that’s a WOW! "

Gordon C. Vermont, USA

(en Français)
Toute ma famille se joint à moi pour vous remercie ainsi que toutes vos collaboratrices des efforts et le niveau élevé de professionnalisme avec lesquels vous m'avez assisté pendant la procédure d'immigration.

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Raoul, Cameroon

"I just wanted to say hi, and tell you that we were so happy dealing with your office. We're so lucky dealing with a professional and honest person like you. I was reassured from the beginning because you told us that 99% our file will be accepted. We are so excited to make the interview and take a decision where to continue our live, and where to build our children's future. I wish that we will achieve the first step successfully."
Remy F., Lebanon

"I want to say THANK YOU!!! for all the effort you guys did, I would like to congrats you guys for the professional work you've done for the last months with my case. THANK YOU, my life changed the day I went to the embassy and I got my passport stamped, I was soooo nervous like never before waiting for my turn on the chair, hahahahaa wao!!!.... GRACIAS GRACIAS GRACIAS is all I can say, and I promise to pass by your office to meet you and your team that made this dream possible. God bless you, you guys are the angels on this story!"
Dimas R., Dominicain Republic

"I had always dreamt of immigrating to Canada, but could never afford to pay a lawyer. Thanks to the Canadian Immigration Council's do it yourself kit, I was able to fill out all the documents myself, save thousands of dollars, and in less than 18 months, I was approved as a permanent resident of Canada!"
Christina A., Egypt

"I was told by two other lawyers that I did not qualify for immigration to Canada. Thanks to the experienced and knowledgeable staff of the Canadian Immigration Council, they were able to qualify me through a provincial nominee program, and today I am proud to say that my family and I are living in Calgary, and truly living the Canadian dream!"
Shiv A., India

"I have five children and was happy to find out that your firm charged only one price for immigration to Canada no matter how big or small the family. I would highly recommend your firm as we were greatly satisfied with your service"
Kishor P., India

"Without your help, I would have never been able to afford to immigrate to Canada. After having completed your FREE on line assessment, and being told that I qualified for Immigration to Canada, I purchased your do it yourself kit and was able to fill out all the paperwork myself. I saved a bundle and am happily living and working in Montreal, Canada. Thank you so much!"
Lincoln K., Jamaica

"Don't wait, don't hesitate, order the do-it-yourself kit and you can be living in Canada quicker than you think! I did it, and haven't looked back since."
Jean Marie T; Mauritius

"I'd like to thank you for your great service. After paying the initial deposit, a polite and professional case worker was assigned to my file, and did all the work for us from A-Z. It was so easy; I should have done this a long time ago. God bless Canada, and God bless the Canadian Immigration Council!"
Amanda S., U.S.A

"About Eight years ago I tried to immigrate to Canada, but was unsuccessful. Today I am on the verge of getting my permanent residence card, and look forward to starting my new life in Canada. None of this would have been possible without the help of your professional and kind firm. Thank you so much!"
June L; Philippines

"Thanks to your firm, and your wonderful employees, I now live in Toronto, have a great job, and my three kids are enjoying a wonderful education in Canada. My wife is happy and that means everyone is happy! Thank you for your great service and all your help."
Samir E; Egypt

"I would like to thank your staff, especially your manager Catherine, for all your help and dedication to my complicated file. I honestly did not think I would get approved, but today I am a permanent resident of Canada, and plan to apply for my Canadian Citizenship shortly. I could not have done this without you."
Omar L; Morocco

"If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be living in Canada today, and that my two sons would be playing ice hockey, I would have never believed it. Mr. Serour and his staff helped me and my family emigrate from Morocco over 10 years ago and I am so grateful."
Mohammed B; Morocco

"My son was a foreign student studying in Canada and really wanted to stay there after he graduated. He told me about the Canadian Immigration Council's do it yourself package, and we decided to try it. I could not believe how easy it was. They emailed us all the questionnaires, along with a guide that explained exactly how to answer each question, and which documents to send with the application. Eight months after mailing out the package, my son was approved as a permanent resident of Canada. It could not have been easier!"
Hosni E; Lebanon

I highly recommend the Canadian Immigration Council. Whether you hire them to do the work, or do it yourself with their do-it-yourself kit, you can't go wrong. Their staff is so professional and smart. I've been a Canadian citizen now for 4 years and thank God every day for guiding me to this firm.
Dr. Karim A; UAE

"My wife and I and three boys emigrated from Greece 9 years ago with the help of the Canadian Immigration Council. Today I own 4 restaurants in Montreal, and feel truly blessed for having found them on the internet, and hired them to help me immigrate to Canada."
Theo S; Greece

"In March of 2008, I filled out the free assessment form on your website, was told that I qualified for immigration to Canada and immediately purchased your do it yourself kit. I could not believe how easy it was to fill out the questionnaires with the help of your easy to understand guide. I sent the application to the Visa Center indicated in the guide, and in less than 15 months, I was on a plane to Montreal. Today, I work as an executive for a large hotel chain and am the happiest man alive. Thank you so much!"
Luigi P; Italy


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