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Quebec selected skilled workers info, Montreal consultant for a skilled worker visa

Quebec Skilled Worker
Immigration Consultants in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Canadian Immigration Council is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is one of the most reputable and at the same time one of the oldest Canadian immigration consulting firms specializing in Canadian immigration law. The Canadian Immigration Council is a firm that focuses on all immigration law areas such as landed immigrant applications, work permit applications, permanent resident applications, student visa applications and Canadian citizenship applications. We also provide a full range of immigration litigation services through our network of immigration professionals that includes regulated immigration consultants, business advisors, paralegals, accountants, lawyers, and specialists in a large variety of fields.

The Canadian Immigration Council has been voted the best immigration Consulting firm by the highly respected Leger & Leger group for three consecutive years in helping potential immigrants worldwide achieve their dream of immigrating to Canada and in offering exceptional immigration services.

Quebec Immigration - Skilled Worker Program

Like its Federal counterpart, there is a Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program, that does not require a job offer from a Canadian or Quebec employer. This program is designed to select candidates who are likely to become economically established and who have the intention of residing in Quebec.

Quebec is Canada's only Francophone province. The Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program has different qualifying criteria based on Quebec's cultural uniqueness. An applicant can include their spouse (or common-law partner) on their application, as well as any dependent children. In fact, under the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration program, additional points are awarded to applicants with families, especially those with young children.

To qualify under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, applicants are required to demonstrate their ability to become economically established in Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker / Professional applicants intending to reside in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec are selected based upon a different set of criteria than applicants who wish to settle elsewhere in Canada.

An applicant can qualify for the Quebec Skilled Worker category if they hold either a validated job offer in Quebec or possess experience in a targeted area of training. As of March 20 2012, there are limitations on who may submit an application under the Quebec Skilled Worker category.

Applicants who are successful under the Quebec Immigration selection system are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate, followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigration) Visa.

To qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, Skilled Worker / Professional applicants must score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection system.

Language test results must be submitted along with immigration applications to be awarded points for language proficiency:

Quebec Skilled Worker / Professional applicants must then successfully complete medical and security examinations conducted by the Canadian government in order to be granted a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa.

The following factors are assessed:


Quebec Skilled Workers / Professionals are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada acknowledges the selection of applicants who meet Quebec immigration selection criteria. You may also consider applying for permanent residence in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program.

Requirements of the Quebec Immigration Program for Skilled Workers

To be selected as an immigrant worker in Quebec under the skilled workers category, the immigrant must, in particular:

Knowledge of the French language is an important asset. You may also take courses or acquire more experience in order to upgrade your occupational or language skill level.

Qualifying under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

To qualify under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program category, skilled worker applicants need to demonstrate their ability to become economically established in Quebec. Their personal data is assessed in two stages. First, the immigration officer does a preliminary assessment of all of the factors that are to be considered in the final evaluation except for those that must be evaluated during the interview.

To pass this preliminary selection, the immigrant skilled worker applicant must score the following amount of points:

The skilled worker applicant must obtain the minimum number of points for the factors of Employment and Financial Autonomy, otherwise the application is automatically refused.

There are three ways for skilled workers to obtain points through the Employment factor. The immigrating applicant must:

Each of these three ways requires that the immigrating skilled workers meet all of the minimum education and employment requirements that are set out in the Canadian National Occupational Classification for the occupations.

If the immigrant skilled worker applicant passes the preliminary stage then they are assessed against the second set of factors. Each factor is allotted a maximum amount of points. Skilled workers must obtain a total of at least 70 points (65 points if they are single) to qualify for a Quebec Certificate of Selection.

You may also consider applying as a permanent resident in Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program.


Quebec skilled workers program category, information, advice for selected immigration

About The Canadian Immigration Council

Richard Serour is the CEO and President of the Canadian Immigration Council. He is also recognized as being one of the leading immigration advocates and professionals in Canada. He has devoted his life to work in order to help people around the world who wish to immigrate to Canada. Being an experienced immigration consultant, Mr. Serour has also helped thousands of families to fulfill their dream of coming to Canada, becoming permanent residents, and turning into proud Canadian citizens.

Along with an experienced staff and a large network of paralegals, lawyers, consultants and other support specialists, the Canadian Immigration Council has turned many dreams into a reality. It was Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper who once said: "Canada is the place where people want to come and stay, to learn, to pursue opportunities, to raise children, to enjoy natural beauty, to open new frontiers, to set the standard for the world for a high quality of life; a Canada that is a leader and example to the world."

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